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shout out to my new portfolio blog!

2009-03-25 17:28:42 by fuzz

finally going to get myself online properly, should get myself a poper domain soon! Thanks for checking it out, its changing alot at the moment.
Please visit again, bookmark, rss or whatever! :) thanks

money money money

2008-11-29 10:18:30 by fuzz


Toy in production

2008-07-05 12:11:34 by fuzz

Little snap shot of a toy im currently making, will make around 10 from a hard resin mould!

Toy in production

New video embedding

2008-04-17 17:12:25 by fuzz

Ah sweet, just thought id give it a test. I have one of my animations on youtube so i thought why not eh :) Plug my animation and test a new feature at the same time.

Hope you enjoy :)

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Streets of Rage

2008-03-30 11:03:42 by fuzz

I just beat streets of rage 2 without using a single continue, 1 player. AT LAST! Only took 10 years
I am so happy

so yeah, here is a post to express my feelings of awesomness at streets of rage 2.


Streets of Rage


2008-03-12 15:18:15 by fuzz

so, i got a new gameboy today, only its not really newits the classic grey one :) :)

Oh and hi i guess! Havnt been on Ng much....
Miss me? :P


Spider baby boom

2008-01-17 13:46:50 by fuzz

Got these today they're fab ^_^
designed by Sun-min-kim who also co-created ugly-dolls. Cant wait to get another 8 + a flocked to complete the set :)


Spider baby boom

Producers with computers

2007-12-27 13:07:38 by fuzz

Defo thinking of creating an animation with their song "Name this song"
Its got an amazing part which is about 5 seconds and so i will start there and if it turns out ok ill turn it into a bigger animation


ill leave you tied up tightly like laces on kicks, like ticks, total eclips, yeah my lyrics are sick

yeah, lets do this


2007-12-23 10:57:54 by fuzz


i will be ranked number 1 of laos, eventually. A huge population of 13 ^___^

Doma acid sweeties

2007-12-13 11:59:57 by fuzz

:D got 6 blind boxes, 1 double
cool designs ^__^

Doma acid sweeties